Single Window Clearance System (SWCS)


About Us

Single Window Clearance System is the innovative endeavour of the Ministry of coal to create a platform to obtain various clearances for the operationalization of coal mines in the country. Various statutory

provisions viz approval of Mining Plan and Mine Closure Plan, Grant of Mining Lease, Environment and Forest Clearances, Wild Life Clearance, Safety, Rehabilitation of project affected families, welfare of workers etc. are pre-requisite for starting of a coal mine.


These clearances are being granted by various Central Ministries and State Government departments/agencies. Some of the clearances have their online portals; still most of the clearances are being given through offline mode.

In the absence of a unified platform for grant of clearances/approvals for starting of a coal mine, the project proponents are required to approach different administrative Ministries and Government departments separately to apply for the requisite clearances leading to delay in operationalization of coal mines.

All of these clearances have different types of applications and procedures. Lack of awareness of project proponents in regards to number of statutory clearances, related applications and procedures for obtaining the same has further aggravated the problem for the project proponent. This has resulted in delay in operationalization of coal mines.

As part of initiative of ease of doing business by the Government of India, the Ministry of Coal has conceptualized a Single Window Clearance System (SWCS) portal, which is proposed to map all the statutory clearances required (covering Central Ministries as well as State Government departments/agencies) for starting of a coal mine. The portal is proposed to map not only the relevant application formats but also map process flow for grant of the approval/clearances.

Single Window Platform is proposed to facilitate project proponent to apply for various clearances through a unified user registration to various Central Ministries as well as to State Government departments/agencies with a feature of auto-fetch provision of data from preceding clearances/approvals.